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Building Confidence 

Taking personalities and lifestyles into account, I help women to develop their own unique and personal style so that they can make a bigger impact, radiate confidence and look effortlessly chic. My approach is light-hearted, transformational and fun... how we dress can really change how we feel and how we are able to cope with the daily challenges of life. When we start the day in a positive, powerful, resourceful state of mind, we are much more able to cope happily and without stress. Our appearance makes a first and long lasting impression.  

I originally set up my business in Switzerland after achieving an Honours Diploma with the Style Coaching Institute in London in 2011 and the testimonials shown below are from a few of the lovely ladies I worked with in Geneva. I have now relocated to my native country of Scotland and wish to carry on my passion of helping those of you who want to look and feel your absolute best in every way. 

'Fashions fade, style is eternal'

- Yves Saint Laurent

Personal Discovery Session

This session explains the whole process and enables me to listen to your concerns and desires regarding your personal style, confidence and impact and from this I will create a program customised to your specific needs. This can be carried out face to face  depending on location, or by Zoom, Skype or telephone.

Loving Your Body and Yourself

A session in which I will reveal your true style personality and will consider your unique figure and colouring when suggesting what lines, proportions and colours will make you shine. By the end of this session you will have the practical know-how for dressing your absolute best

The Wardrobe De-Clutter

De-clutter, organise and streamline your wardrobe! An extremely therapeutic and enjoyable session to help you feel in control, be without frustration, save time, money and unnecessary stress by having an organised wardrobe.

We will ensure that everything in your wardrobe fits and flatters and works for your body shape, applying the rules of visual balance and accessorising​ with style, as the right accessories will make any outfit into a style statement! 

The Polished Look

In this session I will consider all aspects of top to toe grooming, including skincare -a perfectly tailored assortment of best selling and award winning products to feed your skin with daily goodness for glowing, healthy skin. We will look at make-up, nails, hair and even tooth care! Whatever your concerns, we can address them together and I will provide you with helpful tips and advice for a youthful, vibrant and more energised you.

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Personal Shopping

Complete outfits, create new ones, accessorise with effortless style and gain confidence about your future purchasing decisions.

There are so many advantages of shopping on-line if you are not close to a good shopping area. It means you can buy clothes at a time that suits you and order them directly to your door. It's also a great way of getting exactly the pieces you want each season without having to leave the house.

I will recommend the brands that will fit and flatter and how to go about finding them.

What my customers are saying

'It was a real pleasure working with Alison. Her professionalism and pleasant personality put me right at ease and the results were not only wonderful in terms of creating a great wardrobe which refects my personality but also in building self-esteem.' 

N Picthall

'Alison p​rovided a thoroughly enjoyable experience and highly effective exercise in understanding suitability and style. It has helped me revitalise and streamline my wardrobe to​ contain items I love to wear and I am more confident in purchasing clothes and accessories that will compliment and enhance my look, whatever the occasion. Alison's enthusiasm and expertise are engaging and the whole experience continues to be positive.'   F Ford.

'Alison provided the needed advice on colours that suited me, styles that would work with my body shape, on building a new wardrobe after having lost a significant amount of weight and how to use accessories and make-up effectively. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and undecided when shopping, I now have the knowledge and confidence to know what to buy. Besides it was fun!

Suddenly my husband and others were giving me compliments on what I was wearing and how I looked. Working with Alison was 'worth every penny' as my husband says and if I say so myself I look 10 years younger!'           L Dungan                             

'As a business owner it's so important to for me to feel confident and create the right impression through how I look. I hired Alison at a time when my own business was going tp the next level and I wanted some help in assisting me to uplevel too. I had a good idea already of what suited me but lacked the time and inspiration to really explore what would be great for me. With Alison's help we rapidly created a new look, got rid of colours and styles that did nothing for me and with her fabulous tips, I was able to quickly create some new looks from my existing wardrobe. The knock on effects in my business and other areas of my life have been huge. Alison is a real gem for anyone who is serious about transforming their look and their life!'  V Shaw


Services Available

Personal Discovery Session 

Body Shape & Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Organisation & Accessorising

Personal Shopping

The Polished Look